How do I purchase a Billet Box?

We update our stock every Saturday at 8:30am mountain time

What time are Billet Box Drops?

Drops/Releases are Saturday mornings:

 • 7:30am PST
 • 8:30am MST
 • 9:30am CST
 • 10:30am EST
 • 3:30pm UTC

How many Billet Boxes can I purchase?

The restriction of 1 per drop has been lifted for now. Special Edition Billet Boxes are still one per customer though. 

Which colors will be available?

We announce which colors will be available every Friday evening on our Facebook page. If you do not see the color you want one week check back in the following weeks. We cycle through all the colors over the course of a few weeks.

Can I reserve or pre-order a Billet Box?

We do not accept pre-orders or reservations. Our shop is too small to facilitate that way of doing business.

Are you accepting wholesale accounts?

We are currently not accepting wholesale accounts and have suspended our wholesale program for the time being. - updated June 3, 2020

How long is the Warranty on a Billet Box?

A box purchased directly from us has a three-month warranty. If anything goes wrong within the first three months contact us through RabbitHole@BilletBox.com and we will do our best to make it right. HOWEVER, the warranty will be void if: The tamper sticker is removed The box seal is broken

Do you offer repairs on broken or damaged Billet Boxes?

Yes we do! We encourage you to troubleshoot with our repair team before sending it in to us. Send an email to RabbitHole@BilletBox.com. That will put you in contact with our repair team. They are busy but will do their best to get back to you. If after troubleshooting the issue requires us to look at the box, send your box to:

Attn: Repair
PO Box 210
Roy, UT 84067

Make sure to do the following before shipping:
 1) Please take out or fully empty the tank
 2) Clean any juice residue out of the box
 3) Include a note with the issue and your full contact details!

If you are sending a box in for repair from overseas and cannot send to a PO box, send your box to:

Attn repair BBV
4879 S. 1900 W.
PO Box 210
Roy, UT 84067

Where is my Shipment? Why hasn't tracking updated?

If you chose First Class International when you checked out you should have seen a notice stating that this option is not trackable. What that typically means is that USPS will only track your package until is leaves the USA. The receiving country is under no obligation to further track it. Sometimes your package will be stuck in customs and the receiving party is not notified. If you have not received your package after about 14 days please contact your local customs office to inquire. For Domestic Customers – USPS sometimes does not scan in the large shipments we drop off. It will often update once it is delivered. If you have not received your package after 15 days please contact us through billetboxvapor@gmail.com 

When do you ship out orders?

We package and ship out orders on the Tuesday following our sales. If you order a box on Saturday it will be packaged and sent 3 days later on Tuesday.

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