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Privacy Policy/Terms & Conditions

We at Billet Box understand the need to protect your personal information while online. We have developed this policy to provide you with the highest privacy level possible. This Privacy Policy ("Policy") explains our practices regarding the collection and use of information within our website, located at ("Site"). By using our Site or obtaining any product and/or service through this Site, you agree to the limited collection and use of information as defined in this Policy. Further, your use of our Site constitutes agreement to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use – so ya might want to read them.

Updated changes to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use may change occasionally; changes and/or updates will be posted on this page.

Billet Box collects two types of information during your visit to our Site.

1.) Information that may help us improve our site is gathered when someone (like you) visits our site. This information helps us better understand how our site is being used and how people travel through it (what they find most interesting and informative). This information does not personally identify our visitors only how they use our site. Got it?

Non-invasive "cookies" and/or other tracking tools may also gather non-personally identifiable information used to provide you with a better shopping experience. These cookies do not track websites you might visit nor are they a danger to your computer. They just recognize you when you return to the site making your consequent visits and checkouts faster. It is like walking into a store and being greeted by the person at the counter, “Hi! It is good to see you again!” To use our site, your browser must accept cookies.

Personal information

2.) Billet Box uses personally identifiable information collected from you to complete transactions you initiate on our site (sales). Your personal information may also be used to get in touch with you, if needed, concerning questions about orders you have placed, or returns. Occasionally we may contact you by email to follow up on product delivery and/or satisfaction or to alert you of specials or sales. Hey, we want ya to be happy!

Financial information (credit card numbers, credit card expiration dates, billing address, etc.) is used only to bill you for products and services, which you have requested from our site. We work hard to keep your information secure from theft or fraud by using industry standard encryption technologies. All credit card and/or bank information submitted on this web-site is transmitted directly to our merchant bank and never stored locally on the Billet Box servers. None of our staff ever has access to your financial information.

Any personal information is only collected to deliver your requested services and to process your orders. Our site uses an order form and a registration form. These forms require that you provide us with personally identifiable information that may include your name, email address, physical address, a phone number, and/or credit card number to allow us to fill your order(s) for merchandise and/or service.

Service Providers

Billet Box may work with third parties who may provide services, including but not limited to order processing/fulfillment, credit card authorization, e-commerce connection, website hosting, data analysis, email or other services. Personally identifiable information, including financial information, is shared with such third parties for the purpose of providing these services and is strictly limited to the intended purposes.

We do not disclose an individual customer's personally identifiable information to third parties for any third-party direct marketing purposes. If you have been contacted by a third party, other than Billet Box, who claims to represent our site or Billet Box, please contact our customer service department immediately and we will investigate the issue.

Subject to applicable law, we reserve the right to release information concerning any Site visitor where such visitor is believed to be in violation of his or her obligations to us, is partaking (or is suspected of partaking) in any illegal activity, in response to civil subpoenas and discovery requests, to protect the interests of Billet Box, our customers or others, and as otherwise required by law as it may concern these particular cases.

Just to be clear, and to help you understand the ways Billet Box uses the information that we gather: We never sell, rent, trade, barter, auction, ransom or in any way try to profit from your personal information that is collected on our site. We adhere to the “Do unto others . . .” directive. Also, we do request that any third parties involved in running our business adhere to our policies regarding the privacy of our visitors yet we are unable to, and do not assume, any responsibility for actions or omissions of said third parties, including the manner in which they use information received from Billet Box or through any other manners of collection.

Billet Box also may use your personally identifiable information to "pre-populate" forms that are used by the Site to facilitate transactions with us and save you from entering every data field on the checkout.

Emails from Billet Box, and the Site itself, may contain links to other websites, these sites may or may not be owned/operated by Billet Box. Unless explicitly stated, we have no control over and have no responsibility for the privacy practices/content of such websites. This includes the use of any information (IP number, browser type or operating system) collected by these sites if visitors click links to those sites. If you visit these websites, please be familiar with the privacy practices of the sites to ensure safe browsing.

Billet Box uses reasonable security measures to help protect against the misuse and/or loss of personally identifiable information that comes through our site. No security system, or method of transmitting data over the Internet, can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. Because of this, though we do our best to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee the security of our servers, the means by which information is transmitted between your computer and Billet Box’s servers/site, or any information provided to us or to any third party through our site or in connection with our site. Any information you provide, you do at your own risk. We encourage you to decrease your risk on all sites by using anti-virus software, and by not using public computers or public Wi-Fi to place purchases that require the use of a credit card.

Opting Out:

You may opt out of receiving any specials or offers by contacting us; we will promptly remove your name from our mailings list.​

Warranty / Returns

Due to the highly complex power handling board inside the Billet Box being manufactured by a third party, we warranty the the power handling components for a period of 3 months from the time of purchase. No cosmetic damage inflicted by the end user is covered by our warranty.
Due to the hygienic nature of vaping products, many items are non-returnable, nor refundable under any circumstance. This includes E-fluid, atomizers, adapters, tanks and the Billet Box unit itself. Returns for non refundable items will only be refunded if we are unable to replace or repair the specific item. After an order is shipped, most items absolutely can not be refunded. Especially if you just can't flip it for the thousands of dollars you thought you could...

You can always check our FAQ page for any additional information about the BB, and you may always contact our customer service, for help should you need it.

Service: Please first check our FAQ page, your questions may already be addressed there – plus there is all kinds of good info on that page, thanks to Vapian! If you can’t find an answer there, then please call our technical support (801-920-2607 or 801-686-4688)

Billet Box makes every effort to keep the web site up and running smoothly. However, Billet Box shares no responsibility for the web site being temporarily unavailable due to technical issues beyond our control.

Electronic Communications

When you send Billet Box an e-mail, or login to our website at, you are communicating with us in an electronic format. This gives us permission to communicate back to you in the same way, either by e-mail or through text, images, and/or videos presented on our website

Your Billet Box Account

By using our site, you agree to keep your account information and password safe. We don’t want the kiddos getting on here and buying up stuff in your name. 


We appreciate reviews and are open to ideas but please keep it clean, obscenity, or competitor bashing is unkind, unappreciated and will be removed.

Risk of Loss

All items purchased from Billet Box are made in accordance with a shipment contract. Basically, the risk of loss for such items passes to you upon delivery of the item to the carrier.

Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability

Billet Box offers this site and services “as is” without any warranties except for those stated.

Billet Box cannot guarantee that any software or hardware will mesh seamlessly with this site or that any correspondences are free of any virus/malware/worms etc. By using this site you release Billet Box, its owners and employees from any liability for any loss or damage to any hardware, software, time, or capital you might incur from any source while using our site, email, messaging or any partner sites.

By using our site you are acknowledging your acceptance of any and all risk and responsibility to ensure any software or hardware you are using to interact with our site is functioning properly with our site.

Billet Box reserves the right to change, rearrange, or restructure any and/or all content contained on this Site at any time without notice.


You agree to compensate, protect, defend and hold Billet Box and its owners and employees harmless on demand for any losses, damages, costs, judgment fees, fines and/or other expenses Billet Box may sustain (including attorney’s fees and/or court costs) as a result of any claims, actions, or other demands resulting from any of the following: your use of our site, your inability to use our site for any reason, or any activities connected with our site and/or services; your violation of our Terms of Use, our Privacy Practices Policy or other terms, conditions or policies; any assertion that any materials you make available through the Site violate the intellectual property, privacy, or other rights of any third party; or your violation of any rights of any site visitor or any other third party.

Compliance with Applicable Laws

All applicable federal, state and local laws govern visiting or using the Billet Box site. All information available on Billet Box is subject to the laws of the United States of America, and may also be subject to the laws of the country in which you reside.