The BoroTank

The BoroTank

Posted by DD on 12th Nov 2014

Coming to our shop this weekend... The BoroTank has a machined borosilicate glass face that slides down so you can just dump your juice in. With so many lovingly crafted rebuildable attys and adapters for the BilletBox we really wanted a clear tank to show them puppies off, there just wasn't a clear plastic up for the job. The BoroTank will not replace our Delrin tank that ships with new BilletBoxes as there are pros and cons to this new glass tank and we need to see how it preforms in the wild.


  • Crystal clear
  • Shows off your super cool Rebuildable or Bridge
  • Able to handle the wickedest of Juice
  • No special tools to fill, just dump that junk right in there...


  • Non Flexible, can't push on the face to prime coils
  • Is flat, thin glass and can break if misused or mishandled
  • Needs to be removed from the BilletBox to fill the tank