ZOMG!!! Stuffz!!!

ZOMG!!! Stuffz!!!

Posted by DD on 13th Mar 2016

After months of prototyping, months testing, followed by months of retooling, the Billet Box Rev.4 is about ready to go and play in the wild.

Redesigning the Billet Box had to be something I was excited about. I really love the original BB, and trying to top it with just new electronics and bigger battery just wasn't enough to give me the energy to make something new... I needed to bring something to it that would keep me interested for a good long while to come.

In case your aren't familiar with the custom knife trade, that face is machined from G10, and hand finished.

If you don't know what G10 is, well....ummm, when fiberglass and phenolic love each other very much... ummm, ask your parents... anywhoo, the Rev.4 is going to allow us to use a variety of different materials for face and back plates that we just couldn't do with the Rev.3 and below.. carbon fiber was really the only option due to the design and thickness.

So the sliding door is gone, and now the plates are all magnetic.. Yah, this has been done before.. but we f'n nailed it... with a modest sixteen N52 neodymium magnets per box... It also means the Billet Box just became a barbie doll... you can pop off the front and back and swap um out... maybe trade with your friends... if you has friends... i have one... he's ok... but he lives far away and i don't get to see him as much as i'd like...

anywayz, what i'm getting at here is that the new plates are super awesome.. and will get better looking with handling.. unlike the previous gloss finish carbon fiber... the G10 can also be re-surfaced if's ya scratch it up bad.. which will be hard to do...

A solid diamond slab flute cutter is the only thing that can cut it... it's mean stuff...

we are testing with lot's of different stuffs, but it will be some time until we can offer new plate colors and such. For the present, we have any color you want, as long as you want black...

 As for inside the box, anyone who guessed DNA power handling was right. In going to a digital board, this was never a question. Evolv invented variable wattage, has done it the longest, the best, and is made in the USA, nothing else was ever a consideration. We will offer the Rev.4 primarily with the DNA 40 but will also have model with the 25 for those that need to watch there spending. Both will support temp sensing coils. The 25 model won't be out for launch but will come about a month later.

(side note, look at the cool machining lines on the button arrows... i did that... so proud....)

Bye Bye 16340 cells... Hello 18650. The Rev.4 is designed for flat topped 18650 IMR cells, but a button top will work ok as long as it isn't over 65mm long. So far we haven't found a cell that didn't work aside from ones with integrated circuits, but those cells would be unable to output enough to run the DNA anyway. We will announce a recommended cell shortly. At any rate, the battery pops in and out just as quick if not quicker than then the original BB, and this cell size will last 90% of the vaping population a solid day or more.

 When I designed the first Billet Box, it was super important to me that the tank could be filled without removing it from the box, but the need for the right sized plastic tips to fill our ball valve tanks was kind of a bummer. The Boro tank was super awesome, but it had to be taken out of the box to fill... again, bummer... As the Rev 4 tank needed to be different anyway due to the battery location, this allowed a great opportunity to design a tank with the best of both worlds. The new tank for the Rev.4 is a variation of the Boro tank that can be filled while still in the box. Yaaayyyyyy!!!!

With the Rev.4 able to fire sub ohms coils, we needed a little more air intake... here's a side by side of the Rev.3 on the left, and the Rev.4 on the right.

update over.... awww, bye bye update... i'll miss you...