Batch up today, 8:30 mst

Posted by DD on 29th Jul 2017

we gotz Doberz, Ratz, RPGs and regular happy type BBs and Piebalds...

Unicorn Poo Back this sale, Sat July 22nd 8:30 MST

Posted by DD on 21st Jul 2017

the past few months haven't been good for the Unicorn Poo, the anodizers have just kept screwing um' up some way or another... I personally hate the color, but still, it's a waste of our time and work … Read More

Next Batch up July 15th 8:30am MST.

Posted by DD on 14th Jul 2017

nothing to add..... that it..... everything fit in the title..... don't even need this big area here at the bottom... it feels like a waste to leave it blank though..... just typing some stuff....... … Read More
Batch up Sat. 8:30mst and....

Batch up Sat. 8:30mst and....

Posted by doug dino on 9th Jun 2017

Blemz... factory seconds... for the quite a few years we have been outsourcing our anodizing... and on the whole, our anodizers do a great job... actually to put a number on it,,, 84% of the time they … Read More

Batch up today @ 8:30 MST.

Posted by Dad Dino on 27th May 2017

gettin' back on track after baby, and we'll have a HUGE batch up in our shop in just a bit...

Baby is out, but the batch is delayed

Posted by DD on 17th May 2017

Yayyyy, baby is out of office lady nowz, but despite the both of them doing super great, we've decided that we need to take this upcoming weekend off. So our next sale will be Saturday, May 27th @ 8: … Read More

expect delay with orders, e-mail & facebook

Posted by doug dino on 15th May 2017

so about 9 months ago i went ahead and impregnated the office lady.... the results of that are starting to fully emerge... she is the only one who handles e-mails, sales and facebook, and right now sh … Read More