Last sale of the year - Wed the 14th, 8:30am MST

Posted by DD on 8th Dec 2016

Absolutely nothing going up this Saturday as we prep to make this last sale of the year as big as we possibly can, while still leaving room for boxes to arrive in time (ehhh, for the USA at least) for … Read More

Batch Up Today, 8:30 MST

Posted by Billy Ray Cuddlebutt on 12th Nov 2016

and a good handful of the ˈhēməˌɡlōbən Kirinite too.

Next Batch on Oct 15th

Posted by DD on 8th Oct 2016

Our kirinite just showed up, so we may have just a bit ready by then too... Ohoooo.. one of the sheets is purple... that's neat...

batch up 9/3 @ 8:30 MST...

Posted by DD on 2nd Sep 2016

but just a heads up, we won't have any kirinite panels this week as we wait for the manufacture to cast us some new stock. Using this time to work on some new plates that will be showing up in just a … Read More

yup, still doing every other week batches..

Posted by DD on 27th Aug 2016

So our next batch O' boxes will hit the shop Sep 3rd.. Not that we won't have some stuffz up today, kangaroos, UnOs, and a handful of Kirinite plates will be going up @ 8:30 MST.


Posted by DD on 12th Aug 2016


Rev 3 Boro Tanks.... and a Rev 3 to go with it..

Posted by DD on 23rd Jul 2016

While we wait patiently for more Rev4 racks to come home from the anodizers, we got to getting on some Rev 3 promises... Primarily Boro Tanks for the First gen boxes, and a last sweep of the shop fou … Read More
New Color this Saturday...

New Color this Saturday...

Posted by DD on 19th Jul 2016

...but we can't seem to agree what color it is... our anodizers call it grey blue, a few people have just called it grey, some called it really dark blue, i call it kinda purple , ... who knows... de … Read More

All 25s weekend..

Posted by DD on 15th Jul 2016

40 watt boxes will pop back in about a week r' two , this weekend is all 25s and we'll have a bunch as we've kinda been stock piling them as we waited on one component.