Shootin' for May 6th

Posted by DD on 28th Apr 2017

working on our latest batch, should be good to go for a sale on the 6th, we'll keep ya posted if this changes... but lookin' good so far...

sale this weekend? NOPE.... just chuck testa

Posted by DD on 14th Apr 2017

well,,, we'z trying to get a batch out every other weekend but our April first sale had a bit of inventory control failure due to the few thousand people f5ing the crap out of our site... So we decid … Read More

The 7000s are sold out....

Posted by DD on 1st Apr 2017

and unfortunately we will not be able to make more due to unforeseen mutations we in the shop developed while working on the mini nuke reactors... the long and short of it is i now have a cicada probo … Read More

Batch of Rev4.7000s, Tomorrow @ 8:30 MST

Posted by DD on 31st Mar 2017

This upcoming sale only, our boxes will include the new DNA 7000!!! This new DNA can output at up to 7000 watts and is powered by a tiny plutonium based nuclear reactor that will provide non stop vape … Read More


Posted by DD on 18th Mar 2017

internet outage... found new internetz.... batch delayed an hour... now at 9:30 mst..... sorrrryzzzzz... ugggh..

Batch up Saturday the 18th @ 8:30 MST

Posted by DD on 17th Mar 2017

that's it... title says it all... nothing to add... i'll just go back to what i was doing... which was reading some neil gaiman and eating walnuts... in case you were interested... you're not.. that's … Read More

Batch Up Tomorrow 2/10 @ 8:30 MST

Posted by alf on 10th Feb 2017

we finally got 'round to tooling up again for Rev.1 to Rev.3 Boro Tanks, so we'll have just a few 1st gen white boros up with tomorrows batch of boxes and a much larger batch of 1st gen boro blacks in … Read More

I don't know Margo!!!

Posted by DD on 22nd Dec 2016

Yayyyy!!!!! We're all done for the year. Our shop will be void of all our typical type inventoryz for the rest of the year as we take a little break to enjoy the holidays with our loved ones... or a … Read More